Park Yoochun Sexual Assault Scandal: Boyfriend Of Victim Speaks Up, Case Dropped

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Korean celebrity Park Yoochun was slammed with sexual assault charges earlier this month.

The boyfriend of a woman who has accused Park Yoochun of sexual assault has finally spoken up. In an unexpected turn of events, it has been revealed that the supposed victim has dropped the complaint against the South Korean celebrity.

Currently going by the alias ?Ms. A Lee?, the 24-year-old woman is reportedly an employee at an entertainment bar. After claiming that the actor and singer-songwriter sexually assaulted her last June 4, Ms. Lee was recently represented by her boyfriend, who suddenly seemed to be more apologetic.

?We submitted a document to an affiliate of the Seoul Gangnam Police station on June 14 stating [we] are dropping the charges,? the boyfriend explained.

?An accident happened when A (Ms. Lee) was drunk. When I heard about the accident that day, I got mad and that?s why [we] filed the charges. However, [I] thought it was our fault for not finding out the exact situation of what happened before and after and that?s why the charges were canceled,? the boyfriend admitted.

Prior to the sexual assault accusations, Park Yoochun made news before the end of last year after he and his boy band, pop group JYJ, were awarded at the 2015 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards. The trio comprised of Yoochun, Jaejoon and Junsu received the prestigious Prime Minister?s Award for their hit songs such as ?In Heaven? and ?Backseat.?

Aside from being a part of JYJ, Park Yoochun is also known for his roles in Korean dramas such as Miss Ripley (2011), Rooftop Prince (2012), and The Girl Who Sees Smells (2015).

The agency of Park Yoochun slammed the sexual assault claims of Ms. Lee via an official statement released earlier this week.

“The opposite party’s claim is just a one-sided claim based on falsities, and this will be revealed as much through the following police investigation,? the statement read.

“We will not make a compromise with a malicious blackmail that was done to guarantee the tarnishing of a famous person’s image. We promise that Yoochun will faithfully cooperate with the investigation from hereon in order to reveal the truth,? the agency added.

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