Park Yoochun Sexual Assault Scandal: Actor Losing TV Shows? Producers Speak Up

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Korean celebrity Park Yoochun was slammed with sexual assault charges earlier this month.

Park Yoochun could soon lose TV shows due to the sexual assault scandal that he is facing. According to International Business Times, producers have spoken up about how the Korean star?s issues could affect his career. Numerous producers have allegedly turned down casting Park Yoochun in several TV shows – even though he has not yet received the final verdict on the four assault allegations that were thrown to him. ?

In a Q&A recently ran by Korean media outlet TV Report, producers explained why they would rather keep a ?marginal distance? from the singer-actor.

“Even if these cases turn out to be false, there still won’t be anybody willing to cast someone who’s fans have turned their backs on him,” one anonymous producer admitted.

Some believe that Park Yoochun?s sexual assault scandal will have a negative effect on TV shows that he would be part of. “There’s no point in using an actor with a tarnished image,” said another producer. “When an actor causes a huge scandal like Park Yoochun, it can hurt the drama, leaving no method of recourse.?

For a while it seemed like the former ?Miss Ripley? actor?s legal woes were over when another report from IBTimes revealed that the singer was not in Korea on the dates that his alleged third and fourth victims were supposedly raped.

Movie News Guide also recently reported that Park Yoochun?s alleged first rape victim had tried to extort money from him.

C-JeS Entertainment, who represents the now-controversial singer-actor, has warned that they will be filing counter lawsuits against those who are lying about their prized talent. The agency clarified that they will actively cooperate with the police investigation, but are confident that award-winning recording artist and member of boyband JYJ will be proven innocent from all the sexual assault claims.

The authenticity of the rape allegations were first questioned when Park Yoochun?s alleged first victim unexpectedly dropped her complaint last week. The alleged victim?s boyfriend was even apologetic, explaining that ?an accident? took place while his girlfriend was drunk. This supposedly led to him getting extremely upset and filing charges.


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