Park Yoochun Sexual Assault Scandal: 5th Victim And Witnesses Speak Up

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The sexual assault scandal of Park Yoochun seems to be far from over now that an alleged fifth victim has spoken up ? this time, with witnesses in tow.

According to Allkpop, a female employee from an establishment named 10 Cafe has revealed in a Dispatch interview that the actor and award-winning singer from boyband JYJ attempted to rape her.

The alleged victim explained that she was initially hesitant to report the incident since she works at an adult entertainment bar and feared that people will just doubt her.

The woman also had chat logs with friends from the time that Park Yoochun allegedly forced himself on her at a bar bathroom. “I was almost raped. Park Yoochun (expletive),” she had written. The woman also pointed out that the music coming from a live band that was playing at that time muffled the noises from the bathroom but that she was still able to escape from the actor.

What?s more shocking is how personnel from 10 Caf? have come forward to share their observations surrounding the Park Yoochun sexual assault scandal. According to two employees, they had always noticed that the ?Miss Ripley? singer would go to the bathroom every time a band starts playing. His companions, who would be left at their table would even laugh at him, which the employees said is most likely because they knew what the singer-actor was up to.?

The ongoing sexual assault scandal of Park Yoochun has gotten so out of hand that he is expected to lose acting projects because of it. International Business Times reported how producers prefer to keep ?marginal distance? from him amid the rape accusations. With some of the actor?s fans reportedly even withdrawing their support, producers explained that casting Park Yoochun will just have a negative effect on TV shows that he will be part of.

Amid all the drama, reps from C-JeS Entertainment have said that they are confident that their prized talent will be proven innocent from all the rape accusations. The talent agency also warned that they will be pushing for counter lawsuits for those who are lying about the Park Yoochun sexual assault scandal.


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