Park Yoochun News: Will The JYJ Member Have His Three Remaining Rape Accusers Arrested?

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Park Yoochun made news again earlier this month when two of his five rape accusers were thrown in jail. Now, fans of the JYJ member are demanding that he should also file cases against the three remaining women who made similar allegations.

The 30-year-old celebrity?s ordeal began in June after a certain ?Miss A? accused him of sexual assault. Four other women eventually came out claiming the ?Miss Ripley? star forced himself on them inside bar bathrooms.

However, the Seoul Gangnam Police eventually dismissed all of the five rape complaints. This was because none of the five accusers were able to prove that Yoochun forced them to have sex.

The award-winning actor then turned the tables by filing complaints for false accusations and attempted blackmail. Miss A was taken into custody in August along with her male cousin Hwang, who supposedly helped her in the extortion plot.

Furthermore, it was eventually revealed that Yoochun?s second accuser was arrested as early as July for the same charges.

The sexual assault scandal has led to numerous negative Yoochun news reports. Even though the rape cases were dismissed, the Hallyu star has already lost several acting projects. The appearance of Yoochun in JYJ?s annual fanmeet was also cancelled.


Park Yoochun (rightmost) and the rest of JYJ

Because of how the rape allegations have affected his career, fans are demanding that he should also run after his three remaining accusers.

Movie News Guide compiled the sentiments of Yoochun?s supporters. More than being able to clear their idol?s name, fans explained that they want to know if there is one person behind the entire rape scandal.

It is also common for people to just invent accusations in order to extort money from celebrities. If Yoochun puts all of his five accusers behind bars, this would somewhat discourage other potential liars from making false claims.

The singer-actor?s reps from JYJ Entertainment have stood by him throughout the entire ordeal. The agency also previously warned that they will take serious legal actions versus those who have been lying about their prized talent.

There has been no new Yoochun news reports regarding his three other accusers. It is likely that his team is still looking for solid evidence to put them in jail. TheBitBag will be on the lookout for developments on this case.


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