Park Yoochun News: JYJ Member Moving Forward From Rape Scandal, Announces New Movie ?Lucid Dreams?

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Park Yoochun news reports for the past couple of months have been mostly about his recent rape scandal. Luckily, the JYJ member is seemingly moving forward from it all with the announcement of his upcoming movie.

Titled Lucid Dream, the fantasy thriller is produced by Road Pictures, directed by Kim Joon Sung, and distributed by NEW Entertainment. It stars the 30-year-old singer-actor as a man who looks for his son who has been lost for three years.

Reason for film?s delay

Lucid Dreams will be shown in theaters on January 2017. Production staff shared that it was originally supposed to be released this fall.

The source was open about how negative Park Yoochun news reports forced them to push back the release date. ?After Park Yoochun?s sexual assault controversy in June, the production company and NEW had many discussions about the release date,? the rep said.

The source admitted that they were ?thrown off track by the scandal.? However, they knew that Park Yoochun could not be edited out of the movie since his character is pivotal to the plot. This is reportedly why they resolved to wait out the controversy.

Much deserved comeback

Soompi?s report about the Hallyu star?s movie comeback received a lot of comments from Yoochun?s fans.


Park Yoochun

A lot said that he deserves the second chance after five women who accused him of rape were all proven to have lied. ?It’s no joke when one gets victimized by scumbags,? a commenter wrote. ?It affects your whole life, reputation and career.?

However, some pointed out that it is possible for the rape accusations to still affect the film?s success. ?This movie will be a test whether he is still marketable,? a reader commented.

Five rape accusers

Park Yoochun?s first rape accuser came out last June, followed by four other women. All of them claimed that the k-drama heartthrob sexually assaulted them in bar bathrooms.

Their cases were dismissed later on and two of them have been arrested for making false accusations and attempted blackmail. It is uncertain if Yoochun will also run after the other three rape accusers.

Aside from delaying Lucid Dreams, the scandal caused the cancellation of Park Yoochun?s JYJ fanmeet appearance. There were also producers and fans who withdrew their support for him in the middle of his rape case.

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