Park Yoochun News: JYJ Member Losing Work After Sexual Assault Case

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Park Yoochun (rightmost) and the rest of JYJ

Park Yoochun has been in the news for over a month now due to sexual assault allegations. With five different women all accusing him of rape, it is no surprise that the JYJ member is reportedly losing different work opportunities because of the scandal.

The Korean celebrity?s ordeal began in June after a certain ?Ms. A Lee? told police officials that she was raped by the award-winning singer and actor. Four other women eventually stepped out and made similar claims.

All five alleged victims detailed that Park Yoochun forced himself on them inside bathrooms of bars where the ?Miss Ripley? actor regularly goes to. The alleged fifth rape victim even brought witnesses who pointed out that his companions seemingly knew about his sexual exploits.

Unfortunately for the ladies, Seoul Gangnam Police eventually dismissed the said charges. This is because none of them were able to prove that the sexual activities were done without their consent. ?

Even though Park Yoochun?s cases got dropped already, he could still be charged with new offenses. This is because of text messages retrieved from the first victim?s phone, which revealed that Park Yoochun actually offered money for sex. He also supposedly did not pay for the services rendered.


Can Park Yoochun still revive his career?

With all these shocking Park Yoochun news reports, some would wonder if he could still recover from the entire scandal.

Just recently, AllKpop reported that a JYJ fansite has declared to stop supporting the accused artist. Since the group is said to be one of the one of the largest fanbases of Park Yoochun and JYJ, the group?s management is allegedly thinking about removing the 30-year-old heartthrob from the trio.

Speculations that Park Yoochun is being eased out of JYJ could explain why he will reportedly no longer be part of the boyband?s fan event at Coex Hall in Seoul from Sept. 9 to 11.

Prior to his exclusion in the upcoming fan event, there were news that Park Yoochun is also supposedly ?being avoided by TV producers. Interviewed showrunners explained that hiring a ?tarnished? TV star could have a negative effect on their projects, so they prefer to keep a ?marginal distance? instead.


Park Yoochun starred in popular k-drama series such as “Rooftop Prince,” “Miss Ripley,” and “The Girl Who Sees Smells”

Lastly, Park Yoochun?s upcoming movie ?Lucid Dreams? also got cancelled amid his rape scandal. ?Initially scheduled for release this fall, the film also stars Go Soo and Kang Hye Jung.

What do you think of all these Park Yoochun news reports? Do you think that he should just voluntarily leave JYJ amid the numerous cases filed against him, or can he still make a career comeback? Let us know by commenting below.

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