Park Yoochun News: Brother Park Yoo Hwan Also Summoned To Court?

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Park Yoochun and brother Park Yoo Hwan

News about Park Yoochun?s sexual assault scandal has died down, but his family?s legal woes seem to be far from over. According to reports, his brother Park Yoo Hwan was also recently summoned to court.

The younger sibling of the JYJ member was sued by a woman for ?one-sidedly? ending their common-law marriage. She demanded that he compensate for mental and physical damages caused by their break up.

Their court date was scheduled earlier this week, but there have been no updates yet about Park Yoochun?s brother. His reps from C-Jes Entertinament previously explained that they will only talk about the civil case once there is an official verdict.

The report from Allkpop pointed out that the gag order is intended to prevent any defamation on Park Yoo Hwan. Their cautiousness is likely based on what happened to Park Yoochun himself, who recently got involved in a rape scandal. ?

Park Yoochun made news starting June after a certain ?Miss A? filed a sexual assault lawsuit. Things escalated when four other women eventually came out with similar rape allegations.

All of them claimed that the Hallyu heartthrob forced himself on them inside bathrooms of bars he regularly goes to. The alleged fifth victim even had witnesses who claimed that Park Yoochun?s companions seemingly knew about the sexual exploits.

Unfortunately for the five women, Seoul Gangnam Police eventually dismissed their cases. This was after none of them were able to prove that the award-winning star only forced them to have sex.

Furthermore, the first complainant was reportedly taken into police custody earlier this August. Along with her cousin, the two were arrested under charges of false accusation and attempted blackmail. Police detained them due to the possibility that they would leave the country.

All the negative Park Yoochun news reports have definitely affected the Korean heartthrob?s promising career. The ?Miss Ripley? actor has reportedly lost numerous acting projects, an event appearance in JYJ?s fanmeet, and support from disappointed fans.

Wil news about Park Yoochun?s brother affect the JYJ member?s career comeback? Or should it be treated as a separate issue? Let us know what you think by commenting below.


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