Park Yoochun News: 2nd Accuser Jailed Prior To Arrest Of 1st Complainant

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Park Yoochun

Park Yoochun made news again earlier this month when the first out of his five rape accusers was thrown in jail. However, it has been revealed that his second complainant was actually arrested beforehand.

The award-winning entertainer?s ordeal began in June after a certain ?Miss A? accused him of raping her. Four other women eventually came out claiming Park Yoochun sexually assaulted them too. All five women alleged that the JYJ member forced himself on them inside bar bathrooms.

However, Seoul Gangnam Police eventually dismissed all of the five rape cases. This was because none of the five women were able to prove that the ?Miss Ripley? star only forced them to have sex.

The tables were recently turned when the first woman who accused him of rape was taken into police custody. Furthermore, Miss A was not just charged for making false accusations, but for attempted blackmail as well. She was arrested along with a male cousin named Hwang, who supposedly helped her in the extortion scheme. ?

Now, JYJ3 revealed that Park Yoochun?s second accuser was actually detained all the way in July for making false allegations. She was arrested by the Seoul Gangnam Police on the recommendation of the prosecution.

Even though the rape cases were dismissed, all the negative Park Yoochun news reports have definitely affected his promising career. The Hallyu heartthrob has reportedly lost numerous acting projects, an event appearance in JYJ?s fanmeet, and support from disappointed fans.

JYJ Entertainment has previously warned about taking serious legal actions against those who have been lying about their prized talent. This is likely the reason why Miss A and the second accuser were arrested by the police. At the rate that things are going, the three other accusers might also be charged and jailed very soon. ?

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