Park Yoochun Case: Text Messages Reveal The Truth Behind Actor’s Sexual Assault Scandal

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Park Yoochun

Park Yoochun?s case is not yet over. In a surprising turn of events, text messages have revealed a much bigger issue within the actor?s sexual assault scandal.

The text messages retrieved by authorities from the alleged first victim?s mobile phone exposed that Park Yoochun actually offered money for sex.

The two allegedly had consensual sex, but the singer-actor supposedly did not pay the woman for the sexual services that she performed.

Prior to the revealed texts, Seoul Gangnam Police dismissed charges against Park Yoochun two weeks ago. This was due to the alleged victims? inability to prove that the award-winning singer-actor only forced them to have sex.

However, Soompi said that police officials can now still file charges on top of Park Yoochun?s case. One is for solicitation of prostitution, which is a serious crime since prostitution is illegal in their country. Second charge is for fraud, since failure to pay for a service is considered a fraudulent act.


Park Yoochun

Reps from C-Jes Entertainment have stood firm throughout Park Yoochun?s scandal. After previously warning of possible counter-charges against the alleged victims, they are again defending their prized talent by charging the first victim with blackmail and making false accusations.

Park Yoochun?s sexual assault scandal began in June when a certain ?Ms. A Lee? claimed that she was raped by the JYJ boyband member. Oddly enough, the supposed first victim decided to drop the charges a few days later, with her boyfriend explaining that she was just drunk. Come July, Ms. A Lee resurfaced again to re-open the dropped case, explaining that she was only forced by Park Yoochun to have sex with him.

Four other women stepped out with similar claims. All of them said that the rape incidents took place at bathrooms of bars where the ?Miss Ripley? actor regularly goes to.

Park Yoochun is a member of JYJ, a popular K-Pop boyband

Park Yoochun is a member of JYJ, a popular K-Pop boyband

The alleged fifth victim even had witnesses in tow who pointed out that Park Yoochun?s companions during those night-outs seemingly knew about his sexual exploits.

Park Yoochun?s ordeals have gotten so out of hand that there are reportedly producers who do not want to work with him anymore. They explained that hiring a ?tarnished? TV star could have a negative effect on their projects, so they prefer to keep a ?marginal distance? instead.

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