Park Yoochun Case News: New Proof Clears JYJ Member From Prostitution, Fraud Case?

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Park Yoochun?s cases have been making news for weeks, with five different women all claiming they were sexually assaulted by the JYJ member. The scandal has severely affected the Korean celebrity, especially since he has always kept a clean image.

Just recently, new developments have surfaced that could cause further damage to the already tarnished reputation of the ?Rooftop Prince? star.

Text messages recently retrieved by the police from the alleged first victim?s phone have revealed that Park Yoochun supposedly offered money for sex. What?s worse is that he allegedly did not even pay for the services.

This development somewhat explains that he had consensual sex and did not force himself on the alleged victim, as previously claimed. However, Park Yoochun?s new case will now be for solicitation of prostitution. This is said to be a serious crime in Korea, where prostitution is strictly illegal.

Since failure to pay for a service is considered a fraudulent act, the singer-actor can also be charged with fraud.


Park Yoochun starred in popular k-drama series such as “Rooftop Prince,” “Miss Ripley,” and “The Girl Who Sees Smells”

However, there is a loophole that Park Yoochun?s camp can use. According to Movie News Guide, the text messages that have been used as new proof were apparently only sent by the victim to a friend. The discussion between the two friends was supposedly just about Park Yoochun promising money.

Since it was not a direct text to the actor demanding for payment, the report stated that Park Yoochun can still find a way to settle the issue.

The alleged first victim involved in the SMS exchange is the same woman who submitted underwear to police officials as proof. The specimen found in the said evidence matched Park Yoochun?s DNA sample.


Can Park Yoochun still revive his career?

While the proof confirmed that she and the actor did have sex, the case against Park Yoochun was eventually dismissed. This is because of the complainant?s inability to prove that the sexual act that took place between them was against her will. Park Yoochun?s four other sexual assault charges were also eventually either dropped or dismissed because of the same reason.

The alleged first victim is also the same woman who dropped rape charges a week after filing them. She was reportedly represented by her boyfriend, who stated that the girl was ?just drunk and had an accident? at the night that she was allegedly raped by Park Yoochun.

Will Park Yoochun?s cases finally end? Do you think that the award-winning singer and actor can still revive his career? Let us know by commenting below.



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