Park Shin Hye ?Doctors? Instagram Post Proves Korean Drama Is Officially A Hit

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Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye shared a cute Instagram post from the set of ?Doctors? Korean drama. The image uploaded by the actress yesterday shows just how much love her new show has been getting.

The new SBS drama is centered on the story of Park Shin Hye?s character, an aspiring doctor named Yoo Hye Jeong. From being a rebellious teen, she gets inspired with the help of her mentor Hong Ji Hong, who is played by award-winning ?Punch? actor Kim Rae Won. They end up falling in love with each other ? but not before overcoming numerous hurdles.

The hospital-based love story has become such a hit since ?Doctors? premiered last June. A proof of the show?s dedicated following was shown on Park Shin Hye?s latest Instagram photo, wherein she posed beside a huge food truck that was reportedly sent by their fans.

The generous gift even had a big banner on the side to greet Park Shin Hye and the ?Doctors? production team.

?Thank you, I?ll eat it well. Dumplings, fries, and sausages? there?s also a truck full of food still? What do I do?? she captioned the snapshot.

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The ratings of Doctors have reportedly been increasing every week, with the most recent official report showing that over 19 percent of TV viewers prefer to watch ?Doctors? over other Korean dramas. The said percentage puts the show on the top spot among competing TV dramas such as MBC?s ?Monster? and KBS 2TV?s ?Beautiful Mind.?

If ?Doctors? continues to increase its viewership, some expect it to even surpass the ratings of phenomenal wartime drama ?Descendants of the Sun.? The KBS series received 38.8 percent in ratings during its finale last April, with a second season supposedly scheduled for 2017.


‘Doctors’ (left) is being dubbed as the new ‘Descendants of the Sun’ (right)

However, KBS? own ?Uncontrollably Fond? is said to be competing with Doctors to also be the next ?Descendants of the Sun.? The show stars Suzy Bae and an independent and quirky documentary producer named No Eul. She is tasked to make a documentary about an arrogant celebrity named Shin Joon Young, played by Kim Woo Bin.

Even though there have been reports about ?Doctors? high viewership, another research team has released ratings summaries showing how ?Uncontrollably Fond? has taken the lead.


“Uncontrollably Fond” is also being tagged as the next “Descendants of the Sun”

Still, if Park Shin Hye?s Instagram post is anything to go by, then it is safe for the team behind ?Doctors? to believe that their show?s loyal fans are sticking around.

Who do you think is truly leading in the ratings battle between ?Doctors? and ?Uncontrollably Fond?? Let us know by commenting below!




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