Paris Attacks Update And Time Line: Everything You Need To Know About One Of Europe?s Worst Attacks

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The events which unfolded in the City of Lights last Friday night shocked not only citizens of the country, but the whole world as well. To date, the Paris attacks have claimed lives of 129 people so far and about 80 people are still in critical condition according to latest reports.

The Worst Attack In France

The Friday night attacks in Paris were the worst carnage in Europe after the 2004 Madrid train bombings. According to the CNN the first suicide bombing occurred at 21:25 near the Stade de France stadium where a international friendly match between France and Germany was going on and being attended by President Francois Hollande and German foreign Minister. The President was evacuated immediately within minutes. The second bomber blew himself up few minutes later at 21:30 and the the third bomber detonated his vest at a McDonald’s restaurant nearby almost 30 minutes later at 21:53. These bombings resulted in four deaths, one civilian and three terrorists.

The street shootings at Rue Bichat and rue Alibert at 21:25 claimed lives of eleven others when the gunmen attacked people outside Le Carillion Cafe and restaurant Le Petit Cambodge and fled in a vehicle. Another five were killed and eight injured by the machine gun fire at 21:32 in front of a pub and 18 killed at restaurant La Belle Equipe at 21:36. A suicide bomber blew himself on boulevard Voltaire at 21:40 where 15 were injured. The worst shooting happened at music concert at Bataclan theatre which claimed lives of 89 people. The attackers started firing indiscriminately and threw grenades upon the crowd gathered for the event. The attackers took about 100 people hostage at 22:00 upon the arrival of the police and at 00:58 situation ended when the police were able to kill the two assailants.

The attacks were carried out by trained gunmen out of which 7 are dead. Paris prosecutor, Francois Molins has revealed the identity of one of the gunmen as Ismail Omar Mastefai, 29 year old French national living in city of Chartres, southwest of Paris. It appears the attacks were planned by individuals from Belgium with help from accomplices in France.

What?s Going On Now

Since, the devastating event, France has been working doubly hard to bring to justice those who are responsible for the attacks. The police are on a manhunt for a French national named Abdeslam Salah, 26 in connection to deadly attacks who appears to have rented the car used by assailants. He was apparently checked by the Belgian police at the border when entering France and let go after providing his ID. The police have released his photograph and described him as dangerous, warning people not to approach him. 7 persons were arrested in Belgium and 6 in France by the police so far in relation to the attacks.

According to the latest reports from BBC, France has launched air strikes on Isis stronghold in Raqqa, Syria. Ten French fighter planes from Jordan and UAE airbases in co-ordination with the US forces have dropped 20 guided bombs on a command centre, recruitment and training centre for jihadists and a munitions depot. President Hollande had promised a merciless response against ISIS after declaring the attacks as an act of war.

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