Paris Attacks Affect TV Show Plots And Schedules, Get Full List And Details Here

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CBS replaces its episodes for TV shows and will reschedule the program after the recent Paris attacks. The network said on Sunday that it has cancelled the arranged episode for TV shows ?Supergirl? and ?NCIS: Los Angeles? due to the two episode?s likeness of the previous attacks.

CBS changes episode

The Monday episode for ?Supergirl? has been replaced by an episode scheduled for a Nov. 23 air that will now focus on the main character Kara?s relationship with her foster mother instead of the planned episode that focuses on bombings to a large city.

On the other hand, ?NCIS: Los Angeles? is changing their episode that was planned to air on Dec. 7 to a program that will center on a missing woman. The original episode was supposed to be ?about a teenage recruited to join a terrorist organization.?

TNT?s ?Legends? will also postpone their next episode due to the depiction of a terrorist shooting in a crowd in Paris. It will instead have a rerun episode previously aired a few weeks before.

Mockingjay 2 cancels interview

Lionsgate has also changed its plans for their premiere of the ?Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2? that was scheduled in Los Angeles on Monday evening. Their scheduled cast interviews would be cancelled and the premiere would be ?toned down.?

?Out of respect for the very recent events in Paris, we have decided to modify our red carpet and we will not conduct interviews at Monday?s ?Mockingjay 2? premiere,? the studio explained. ?We will proceed with the rest of the event as planned in honor of the incredible fans who have always supported our films with such passion.?

Concerts and tours cancelled in Europe

In other news, concerts and tours across Europe were cancelled by U2, the Foo Fighters, Coldplay, and other international bands and singers. Although, Madonna continued her show in Stockholm, Sweden but explained during the show on Saturday that she was still unsure about it.

?In many ways I feel torn, because it?s like, ?Why am I up here dancing and having fun when people are crying over the loss of their loved ones?? Madonna said in her concert. ?However, that is exactly what these people want to do. They want to shut us up. They want to silence us, and we won?t let them. We will never let them.?

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