Paris Attack Videos: How Terror Struck The Web With Shooting And Explosions

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The terror that struck the world this November 13 have spawned several Paris attack videos showing vividly how terrorists caused havoc among locals and foreigners. Those in Paris were able to capture how the terrorists caused mayhem inside the Bataclan Theatre, how the police tried to fend the terrorists in Republique Square, and how thousands of people panicked inside the stadium and along the roads.

Shooting In Bataclan Theater

A 14-second video shows the Eagles of Death Metal routinely performing for their concert at the Bataclan theater in Paris until gunshots echoed throughout the concert hall. The shooting immediately caused the band to halt immediately halt their song.

The drummer ducked under his drum kit after he heard the shooting while the guitarist ran immediately off-stage, Hollywood Life reported. None of the band members were reportedly injured at the Batclan concert hall shooting.

Police Shootout

Sparks caused by terrorists? gunshots aimed at the police and civilians can be seen in the video. It can be seen in the video that the French police and the civilians hurriedly backpedaled after large firearms were fired at them, but the police still tried to lead the citizens to safety.

?It was panic,? Patrick Zachmann of Magnum Photos told Time magazine. ?You felt that it was not under control, that they didn?t know what was going on, from what exactly [the terrorists were] shooting.? Zachmann was present near the shooting and he detailed how terrified a police officer was when a police officer joined him behind a parked car.

?He seemed tense, very concentrated. I could feel his fear. I could feel that maybe he was not used to this situation. They are trained, but maybe it was the first time he was on [such] a scene. But there was a kind of complicity [between the two of us]. He could have asked me to leave, but he let me [stay] there.?

Stade de France

The sound of a booming explosion in Paris immediately halted a football match being held at Stade de France. The people inside the stadium evacuated the area immediately and fans reportedly sang the French national anthem while leaving the stadium.

A minute by minute video of what happened during the Paris attack was posted by The New York? Times. You can see in the video below how much disaster was wreaked by the terrorists in less than an hour.

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