Parappa The Rapper: Remastered Anime Game?s PS4 Demo Gets Mixed Reviews Ahead Of Release Date

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Screenshot from PlayStation’s official YouTube page

Parappa The Rapper?s remastered version was announced at the recently concluded PlayStation Experience event. While many are excited for the classic anime game?s return, initial reviews about the PS4 demo have not been all positive.

There are still no final details about the exact release date of Parappa The Rapper?s remastered version. ?Reports only stated that it is scheduled for 2017 to celebrate the title?s 20th anniversary.

A recently released demo teased gamers about what to expect from the reboot. It showed the game?s first levels and several early cutscenes that fans loved so much.


Screenshots from PlayStation official Youtube page

Vintage aesthetic

A review from Polygon said that part of the game?s charm is in the main character?s famous paper-thin aesthetic. Even his somewhat tacky 90?s streetwear has made Parappa The Rapper an endearing anime character loved by fans worldwide.

The game?s nostalgic rave and hip-hop themes combined with bright color schemes were also very unique. The odd supporting characters ? such as a dancing onion and Parappa?s flower girlfriend ? also added to its charming, vintage feel.

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Catchy soundtrack

Being a rhythm game, many loved Parappa The Rapper because of its catchy music. Polygon said that the soundtrack is perfect and still holds up compared to other games.

Gamers are also expected to still get drawn to the ?inane, literal recitations? that the original is known for. If anything, its catchy beats and easy-to-remember songs are likely to still attract younger players.

The review also pointed out that Parappa The Rapper?s soundtrack is full of distinct, original pieces. This is impressive compared to today?s other titles that simply get Top 40 songs and integrate them into the game.

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Gameplay issues

In the end, the negative aspects of the reboot boiled down to its gameplay. Initial feedback online pointed out how the game lacks the ?fun factor? that will truly hook today?s more discerning audience.

?It?s about a million times less fun than it should be,? one review stated. Others added that Parappa the Rapper?s gameplay will suffer with its very simplistic control scheme. As such, things could possibly get very dragging ? unless game creators add new features for Parappa The Rapper?s PS4 reboot. ?

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