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Paragon Crunch Update Live! How To Use The New Melee Fighter

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The Paragon Crunch update has gone live on November 15. The newest update introduced a new melee fighter in the online multiplayer game. The new hero has its own unique abilities players can use in combat. With his unique battling styles, Crunch can perform different actions in the game. From chaining combos to scrapping the enemies, Crunch is focused on buying cards and increasing physical damage. Here?s Crunch’s abilities so you can effectively use?him in the game.

Forward Crunch

It takes Crunch forward until he stops on the first enemy. It hits the opponent while dealing damage. If Crunch is empowered, Forward Crunch can drag the opponent as far as the charge lasts.

Left Crunch

This is a left hook and deals increased cleave damage. When you empower the hero for the left crunch, it can deal 100 percent basic attack damage to all the opponents positioned in the cleave range.

Right Crunch

The right crunch slows down the enemies when it hits. It knocks up the opponents when empowered.


Re-Crunch is an ability that enables players to repeat the previously used move. Re-Crunch opens up more possible combos and features two components including the basic attacks and third ability empowerment. Re-Crunch helps players land basic attacks so that the cooldown time can be reduced. Another advantage of Re-Crunch is that it empowers every third ability used.

Crunch is available for free to download with the Paragon Crunch update, as Paragon has already said that all new?heroes of the game are free. The game?can be played for free, so players can download and start playing right now. Developer Epic Games also confirmed that a new update is coming on December 6 and will bring Monolith, a replacement for the current map.

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