Paradox CEO: Digital Rights Management Sucks

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One of the perks that you can get when you purchase the original copy of the game is that you get to experience all of its features. But some games require specific programs or Internet connection for it to run, especially if you are playing using PC. And if you cannot play the game due to some technical difficulties, then you just bought a useless game.

Digital Rights Management or DRM protects games from being pirated. According to Square Enix, it is ?essential for the foreseeable future.? However, gamers are not agreeing with Square Enix. Now, Paradox Interactive CEO, Fredrik Wester, finally realized it on a gamer?s perspective as he tried to play his own copy of Peggle.

During his free time, Wester tried to play one of the games they have released and experienced first hand, the difficulties that gamers are going through?. In an interview with GameSpot, he said that a storm interfered with his internet connection while he was playing the game. He lost his internet connection, and now, he cannot get access to Origin. That only means one thing, ?no Origin, no game?. It is a classic example of how DRM punishes players who actually bought the game. He is also relating it to his own tale of copy protection that makes Civilization III difficult to install.

Now, he speaks about piracy;

“If I had pirated it from anywhere, I would have gotten it much faster, more convenient,

“So we don’t want to put barriers on convenience for the gamers. It should be more convenient, you should get more content, it should be easier for you to install if you buy the legal copy.” He added.

Wester is hoping that giving players access to the game while giving better features to those who bought the original copy will help combat piracy. Though he does not know the piracy rate of Paradox games, he does not intend to find out.


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