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When someone goes beyond the call of duty, we give them medals of honor or an acknowledgement of some sort. But what happens when a one-man developer goes beyond ?game development, to actually help you, personally. I mean, this guy is epic.

?Papers Please? is a puzzle video game by an indie game developer Pope Lucas. The game focuses on the emotional toll of working as an immigrant officer. It is quite tricky as the game lets you chose whether you would or would not allow people from entering a fictional dystopian country of Arztotzka.

The game is quite addictive and that led a user on Reddit named levi4884, who played a lot, fill most of the space in his save menu. However, levi4884 tried to clear some space and accidentally destroyed all of his game progresses. Frustrated, he headed over to Steam Forums to ask for help regarding the problem.

This is unlikely to happen as most ?developers do not handle these kinds of stuff. Some of the things that they might actually do is to provide a guide for the players to handle the situation themselves. But not Pope Lucas. He is like a Dark Knight lurking in the shadows, listening for every distress call and cry for help.

Now, he went and studied what problem that gamer is facing and he personally did the tweaks that it need and sent levi4884 a response.

?Ok, I checked your files. Actually I had to write a bit of code to regenerate the header file that ties them all together. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while though, so it’s not a big deal. Basically, the header file holds all the information about the save “tree” that specifies which save is connected to which and enables the branching save system in the game. Without the header, it’s just a bunch of floating day saves.

After regenerating your header file from the saves you sent me, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news: I was able to get a bunch of saves hooked back up. The bad news: Not all the days are there. I think the restore program you used found some previously deleted saves. Even though not all the days are present, there’s still too many tracks to fit on the game screen – that indicates some previously-deleted tracks were recovered too.

What I did was restore as many saves as I could, then prune out the old ones on low days to make it fit onscreen. The result is rather weird looking (you’ll see), but it should allow you to restore from those late days. You’ll still need to delete at least one track if you decide to branch somewhere – I’ll let you decide which one to delete in that case.?

Pope?s act of benevolence are now being widely discussed on several gaming forums. It is a unique trait and very rare for game developers ?to reach out to ?players.


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