Paladins: Main Differences From Overwatch

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Recently, SMITE and Tribes Ascend developers Hi-Rez Studios released Paladins, which is yet another hero shooter joining the competition. However, heavy similarities to Blizzard Entertainment?s Overwatch in majority of its cast and gameplay have sprung-up endless?comparisons between the two. Some believe that Hi-Rez blatantly copied Overwatch, but there’s a actually some differences from?the two shooters.?

Game modes

In Paladins, players will compete for a capture point to earn 1 score and become the offense team of the payload for the remainder of the match. The offense team will get another point if they successfully push the payload, or the defending team earns the point if they fail. The game mode encourages players to keep having the offensive advantage if they want to win faster. This game mode exactly isn?t in Overwatch unless it?s a basketball court version of Eichenwalde.


Paladins has a more fantasy approach for the Hero shooter genre as there?s a turtle warrior, a living tree with an axe and a revolver-wielding alien amongst the cast. Additionally, regional diversity isn?t one of its?strong design points. If you like fantasy settings, this free-to-play game?might be a better pick for you.

Gameplay Systems

A card-based customization system in Paladins exists to further tweak character stats to a player?s advantage. Most customizations augment or buff a character?s shots and abilities to fit a playstyle better. However, players will have to hope to get good cards from loot chests if they want to get ahead. Another hero shooter like Battleborn has more accessible skill system as they are chosen on the fly in matches. Meanwhile, Overwatch has fixed stats per character and only have cosmetic changes for their customization. Paladins players may have an edge in this type of game system.

For now, Paladins lies in a tough spot when it comes to making a name for itself. Overwatch has since crushed Battleborn in terms of building a good audience and could possibly crush this one too. The ?free-to-play? aspect of Paladins may easily attract players as it just asks them to play the game and only pay if they wish for more in-game boosts. We?ll have to wait and see if it will stand out doing its own thing or bite the dust like the rest. At best, Bethesda?s Quake Champions and Motiga?s Gigantic may be the last challengers in the fray of hero shooters.

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