Pack all your stuff in a stylish bag that can keep up with your lifestyle

Don’t settle with boring, bulky bags. Get a pack loaded with features and speaks YOU.

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Bags are not just a storage of personal belongings, but their design should keep up with our way of life, too. Niid’s Fino IV Sling Bag is a sleek and versatile hybrid sling pack that boasts features and design that fits everyone’s lifestyle.

This sling bag’s aesthetics and features allow you to carry your stuff in slim storage while still maintaining your fashion style. It even has an easy-to-rip pouch made from thermoplastic polyurethane so you can temporarily store a used mask without possibly contaminating the rest of your belongings.

So whether you’re going to work, sports events, or a party, the Fino IV Sling Bag is your go-to bag for flexible, stylish, and hassle-free travel.

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