Pacific Rim 2 Cancelled? Production Studios At War! Details Here

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For those looking forward to watching ?Pacific Rim 2,? we have bad news for you. Unfortunately, the sequel from director Guillermo del Toro, which was set to be released in 2017, have been ?halted indefinitely? as two studios are in a heated argument behind-the-scenes, shared by Cinemablend.

Recent reports indicated that production for ?Pacific Rim 2? will be postponed indefinitely because of ?fiscal disagreements between the studios responsible for its production and distribution,? according to the Hollywood Reporter. Apparently, it was a feud between Legendary pictures and Universal Studios, with Universal bringing more business to Legendary?s rival Warner Bros.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Legendary and Universal still has a working relationship, partnering on the production costs which include ?Jurassic World? and ?Steve Jobs.? Unfortunately, when the conversation got to ?Pacific Rim 2,? Legendary decided to stop the partnership, even going as far as cancelling the movie for good and even though ?Pacific Rim? did well on the box office overseas, the production was very costly and a sequel didn?t feel good enough to be supported by producers.

Guillermo also previously shared to Collider?in August his thoughts on ?the challenges of getting a project off the ground.? ?All you can do is develop the screenplays, send them in, get a reaction, get the budget, agree or disagree on budget so forth. Every project goes through the same thing. People say why do you have five [movies in development]? I have five because one happens.?

?Whenever I have dedicated myself to a single project for any length time, I end up having three, four years where I don?t shoot. It?s happened twice already, so I live in a life of realities. I have to have these projects alive to hope and pray that one of them happen,? Del Toro explained in an interview with Collider.

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