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Overwatch World Cup: How Platform Differences Will Play Out At BlizzCon 2016

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Overwatch World Cup
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Recently, Blizzard Entertainment has announced the ?Overwatch World Cup 2016?, the game?s world championship that will happen at BlizzCon this year. Sixteen teams across all the game?s current audience will be gathered via a wildcard voting system. However, their announcement didn?t specify the general platform the players will use in the official matches. The game is known to have unique mechanics for its console and PC versions. How will platform differences play out in the upcoming Overwatch World Cup?

According to the official Overwatch site, teams will be lifted from three regions: America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. A total of 16 teams will be gathered from all these regions and they will compete in livestreamed exhibition matches to get their spot for BlizzCon 2016. Players in these tournaments could vary from professional players, skilled community personalities like streamers, and top ranking players in the game?s first Competitive Play Season.

However, Blizzard Entertainment hasn?t specified which platform to use in this upcoming event. Overwatch on PC and consoles have been balanced differently to alleviate problems that are unique to the control schemes. Previously, Torbjorn?s turret was exclusively nerfed on consoles to let players react a little faster than the turrets so they wouldn?t be shredded on sight. Since it?s a competitive tournament, every little change and detail will matter in the Overwatch World Cup matches.

Currently, Blizzard hasn?t included this detail in their recent announcement. Additionally, it doesn?t help that the game has no crossplay to prepare players for the platform differences. Unless Blizzard plans to have an Overwatch World Cup special server set-up where consoles and PC can both play, players may have to stick with one platform and disregard the other in the upcoming world tournament games.

Despite this problem, you can still vote for teams and players from your region to have a shot at the Overwatch World Cup starting on August 11. It?s possible that you?ll see a ?platform? choice on the game?s ballot sheet for the upcoming tournament. Players can still choose to build this upcoming Overwatch World Cup to have good plays even if they don?t know which platform will be used in the coming exhibition matches and BlizzCon 2016 in November.

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