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Overwatch Winter Wonderland Update, Loot Boxes

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Overwatch Winter Wonderland Update

Overwatch is surely one of the biggest hit games from Blizzard Entertainment in recent times. The first-person multiplayer shooter has become extremely popular. Countless gamers from all over the world enjoy it together with their friends. To celebrate the game?s successful year, Blizzard has planned an Overwatch Winter Wonderland event.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland Event

Many games usually have a special event during the holidays to celebrate the occasion. It is a great time to give back something to their fans. This is by way of offering unique items, quests and other cool content. Overwatch is doing the very same thing with its Winter Wonderland event.

Blizzard made a post in the Overwatch Blog saying ?we?ve decked the halls of Hanamura and King?s Row, stuffed our Loot Boxes full of festive goodies, and arranged an extra-special snowball fight for you and your friends.? This is certainly something that fans of the game will be excited about.

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Winter Loot Boxes

The blog post continues to say that the regular Loot Boxes in the game has been replaced with Winter Loot Boxes. The Winter Loot Boxes are not like your ordinary Loot Boxes as they are filled with some cool 2016 Winter Wonderland exclusives.

The exclusive items in the 2016 Winter Wonderland Collection include sprays, victory poses, emotes, skins, profile icons, highlight intros and a lot more. This is certainly reason enough for gamers to try and get as many Winter Loot Boxes as they can.

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The Overwatch Winter Wonderland event also allows players to engage in a brand new brawl. It is called Mei?s Snowball Offensive. It is a 6v6 single elimination battle which will surely have everyone on the edge of their seats with excitement.

Blizzard Entertainment?s Overwatch Winter Wonderland event is only available for a limited time. It started on December 13th and will continue until January 2nd. If you have not taken part in the Overwatch Winter Wonderland event, now is the best time to do so.

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Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news and updates about the Overwatch Winter event as well as on other trending topics in the world of gaming.

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