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Overwatch Winter Wonderland Event: Everything You Need To Know To Enjoy The Season And After

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Overwatch Winter Wonderland

Overwatch is having its first Christmas event, named the Overwatch Winter Wonderland Christmas. It?s no wonder why everyone?s so hyped for the event.

So many new things will be out for the holiday event. New voice lines, items, sprays, skins, and Yuletide decorations will be everywhere. With so many new goodies to check out, it?s easy to get lost in it all. To save you the shame of possibility of missing out on something, we?ve listed down everything you need to know before the event ends!

Overwatch Winter Wonderland Loot

You need to start leveling up and farming for loot boxes, shelling out cash while you still can. The winter event will give out new skins and items. But the downside is that all of these are locked in the event.

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Which means, the moment the event ends, you may not have a chance again until next year, and that?s if they give out the same items next year.

But at least everyone has a chance of getting one holiday item. Every loot box will randomly give at least one Winter Wonderland event item in it.

The Winter Wonderland event has started last December 13 and will end on January 2, 2017. So you roughly have more than enough time to horde as much event goodies as you can.

And it would be wise for you to this. The last seasonal items in the game gained a pretty hefty price when they were resold. How much? At least three times the original price. With this in mind, you?re better off farming as much as you can now and selling everything at a profit later.

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So start spoiling yourself with loot bags! Hold on to all the stuff you like, sell everything else a month or two from now.

We hope this proves to be useful for you guys during your Overwatch binge-playing this holiday season!?

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Stay tuned in with us for more Overwatch Winter Wonderland news and updates.

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