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Overwatch Valentine’s Day Voice Lines Hint Genji & Mercy Romance

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Overwatch is an awesome game for its innovative game mechanics and great gameplay. But what’s making Overwatch’s community so happy these days is Blizzard’s dedicated developer team pushing out great content all the time.

Players had a great time with the latest holiday event in Overwatch. And while many are still speculating on the rumored Lunar New Year event, a Redditor has brought new datamined info to light. Apparently, Valentines will be hitting Overwatch and Genji and Mercy are about to have some romance this year.


Reddit user akhanbuis has recently revealed his findings in a post on a popular Overwatch subreddit thread. Akhanbuis has discovered three revealing Valentine’s Day voice lines through the data mining of Overwatch’s public test realm. It’s surprising that data can be pulled for an event that’s expected to come out a month from now.

The three voice lines come from the heroes Mercy, Genji, and Hanzo. The first voice reveals a conversation that Hanzo and Genji will have. Genji asked Hanzo if he had any chocolates and Hanzo declines by saying “Those were your amusements, not mine,”

The next lines revolve between Genji and Mercy. Genji offers chocolates to Mercy and she comments that “Swiss–they’re the best.” Genji then goes on to suggest that they both share the chocolate.
Mercy was slightly let down that the chocolates aren’t Swiss. However, the story still ends sweet as she kindly thanks Genji.

Everyone’s In Love

Needless to say, many Overwatch fans went absolutely nuts when they heard the voice lines. The fanbase regularly love to theorize anything under the sun about the game, including possible relationship between characters. The leaked voice lines have convinced many that Mercy and Genji are indeed a couple.

The speculation that Genji and Mercy are a couple is a hot topic for Overwatch fans due to their backstory. At one point Mercy had nursed Genji back to health after his transformation. The only thing left to do now is to wait till Valentines day to see whether or not Genji and Mercy will indeed become a canon couple in-game.

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