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Overwatch Valentine’s Day Event: New Romantic Voice Lines, But No Seasonal Event

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Overwatch Valentine's Day

After the festivities that the Holidays brought to Overwatch, it seems players have new things to do soon. Fans may be hoping for an Overwatch Valentine’s Day event sometime next month, and new voice lines point to it actually happening. However, it might not be a grand event like the recent Halloween and Christmas events.

Redditor Akhanubis shares a few newly discovered voice lines gotten from the game’s PTR. The voice lines refer to some of the characters offering chocolate to one another. The discovered voice lines are for Genji as he gives chocolates to Hanzo and Mercy, and one for Mercy giving him a chocolate.

Players could see this as a sign that an Overwatch Valentine’s Day event is happening next month. However, Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan revealed a few weeks ago that there will be no event commemorating Feb. 14. That doesn’t mean that Blizzard has no exciting things for 2017.

“We do have some VERY cool stuff planned for next year. To clarify without spoiling surprises: We are*NOT* planning a Valentine’s or Easter event. So yes, you can expect cool events. But just to manage expectations Valentine’s and Easter are not those events.”

While an Overwatch Valentine’s Day event is definitely happening, there’s still a chance for Blizzard to commemorate Feb. 14 somehow. Blizzard could be readying a small way to commemorate the date. Fans can still expect a few witty ways for Blizzard to somehow include some Valentine’s Day content in the game.

If it is not an event like past Holidays, fans should expect skins, loot boxes and more centered around the event. However, we might not be seeing a special mode like the Rio Game’s Lucioball or Halloween’s Junkenstein’s Revenge.

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