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Overwatch Uprising End Date Nears, All Items You Need To Collect Before The Event Ends

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Overwatch Insurrection
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Blizzard’s most recent event in Overwatch is drawing to a close and players only have a few hours left to get all of the exclusive items from the event. There are a ton of things to get from the event but players are given enough time to collect all of it. Here’s the Overwatch Uprising end time and checklist of items to collect.

Overwatch Uprising End Time

Blizzard is yet to reveal the exact end time of the Overwatch event but the end date is set this May 1. Players are expecting the event to end the same time as previous events. If that is indeed the case, Uprising will most likely end at around 20:00 CET. Just to be safe, it’s best to rush and get all of the exclusive items now.

Items Checklist

Like past Overwatch events, Uprising introduced a lot of items exclusive to the event. These items can only be acquired in Uprising Loot Boxes so it’s best to grab one now while the event is still on-going. Redditor izzepizze shares a checklist of all the items exclusive to Uprising. To summarize, these are the items to grab

  • 8 Legendary Skins – Blackwatch Genji, BlackwatchMcCree, Combat Medic Zeigler, Null Sector Orisa, Ironclad Torbjorn, Chief Engineer Lindholm, Cadet Oxton Tracer and Talon Widowmaker
  • 2 Epic Skins – Null Sector Bastion and Lieutenant Wilhelm
  • 3 Highlight Intros – D.Va, Torbjorn and Zenyatta
  • 3 Emotes – Soldier 76, Pharah and Hanzo
  • 6 Victory Poses – Genji, Lucio, McCree, Symmetra, Winston and Zarya
  • 13 Player Icons
  • Voice lines for all characters
  • 31 Sprays

Players are definitely working hard to get all of the exclusive items since the event is starting soon. For those still missing items, the best way to get Uprising Loot Boxes is by doing the weekly challenge. For extra Loot Boxes, it’s also better to play Insurrection first. Players are also recommending that items exclusive from the event should be bought only at the last minutes of the event. To save time, players can stock up on Loot Boxes first before the event ends and they could just open it once the Uprising event is over.

There may be more Overwatch events to come so players have to be ready once again. We’ve yet to know when the next event is so players should keep a close eye on clues from Blizzard.

Overwatch Uprising Items Checklist by IzzePizze

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