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Overwatch Update: Symmetra Nerf Needed ? But Not Too Much

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Overwatch Update

Recently, the Symmetra?s rework rolled out in the official servers and actually made the character a viable pick for Offense and Defense teams. However, her reworks have made her too versatile and strong to use against other players in both Quick Play and Competitive Play. Despite her overall strength in this current build, she actually needs just a minor nerf to get her fixed to bearable conditions in a future Overwatch update.

Symmetra Rework

Previously, Overwatch developers gave a major overhaul to Symmetra?s skill kit and buffed her as well. From an extremely situational Defense team character, Symmetra is now versatile enough for both Defense and Offense teams after the rework. However, her buffs have made her strong enough to win duels against Offense and Tank character. Adding to her dueling strength, good Sentry placement can help their team make difficult chokepoints to breach for their enemy team. Lastly, her ultimate can be a Teleporter to move allies faster or a Shield Generator to continuously grant large shield health in an area. The reworked Symmetra provides a good mix of offensive, defensive, and utility advantage to the team that has her. Despite all these strengths, Symmetra isn’t as overpowered if players choose to use some defensive formations and actually respecting her through effectively countering her turrets.

Symmetra?s Strength

Due to Symmetra?s increased viability in the current Overwatch build, many players pick her now. Previously, Symmetra was stuck in providing zone denial with her turrets and helping her teammates move faster in the map. Due to her buffs and rework, she can already place a six turret chokepoint setup that deals heavy damage if it focuses on one target. Her primary fire was also buffed to have improved range which makes her difficult to escape. Additionally, her primary fire is extremely frustrating to deal with in small spaces which makes her somehow viable in Control maps too. Overall, she?s scary to see her use her advantage correctly in the Overwatch live servers.

Most tactics will revolve around disabling or shutting her down first to prevent her from imposing her advantage to your team. However, you?re still left to deal with her remaining turrets and teammates as they?ll obviously try to stop your advances to the objective. Mostly, Symmetra forces matches to be central to stopping her if a team wants to win. Alternatively, Symmetra heavily punishes reckless individual setplay which can generally frustrate players. Her current buffs added with teamwork actually prevents her team’s weaknesses to show up too effectively. Lastly, her individual weakness when taken out of the fight can be mitigated through her teammates protecting her turrets and ultimate of choice.?

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Nerf To Fix Her

Nerfing her primary fire?s range is probably the only thing needed to balance Symmtra. Nerfing her too much may plummet her back into her situation before her rework.?

First and foremost, Symmetra is a support hero and she doesn’t feel like one due to the range of her primary fire. Symmetra?s turrets and primary fire track and slow targets, which make her a strong threat to both agile and slow characters. Lowering her maximum primary fire tracking range gives players a chance to escape her tracking grasp and possibly fight back for awhile.?Additionally, nerfing her ultimate charge can also help the enemy team fight more confidently as she can’t get her ultimate fast at any playstyle. ?At best, Blizzard just need to consider lowering her individual strength while keeping her turret play important in a future Overwatch update to keep her in check.

It’s also worth noting that most players aren’t accustomed yet in dealing with the reworked Symmetra. The original intention of the developers is to make each character get selected in matches, and Blizzard did a fine job with the Symmetra rework as her pick rate increased.?At best, Blizzard Entertainment should be careful in fixing her?so she still remains viable in the game without making her feel too over powered.

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