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Overwatch Update: Next Story Event Could Be Revealed At E3 As Blizzard Begins Teases

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Route 66 In Overwatch
Route 66 Is In For Changes In The Next Overwatch Update [Screenshot Captured From Overwatch Gameplay Video]

Blizzard caught the Overwatch fanbase by surprise again by revealing what looks to be another tease for a new storyline for the game. Players are scouring every bit of the image for new details on the image as it could be heading towards the next major Overwatch update featuring the next story event and with E3 coming up, the reveal date might be set already.

Blizzard recently started new teases for a possible event coming to Overwatch. The tease takes place on the Horizon Lunar Colony, which is Winston’s previous home. According to Blizzard’s news, another specimen is missing from the Horizon Lunar Colony, someone aside from Winston. The other specimen is someone named Hammond and the community is quick to make speculations on his identity.

In the game’s lore, Winston escaped from the Horizon Lunar Colony using an escape pod after the other gorillas overthrew their human companions. Aside from that the and the new details on the Horizon Lunar Colony, there’s not much else we know about the first human colony on the moon, but that is likely to change soon as Blizzard is going to expand the game’s story further.

Blizzard began their tease for Orisa and the Uprising event back in February. After a few weeks, Blizzard revealed the new event and then released Orisa. There could be a pattern for the story events that Blizzard is introducing to the game. If there is one, we could be seeing the next major Overwatch update that adds in a new hero as well as a new event within the next few weeks.

It’s possible that Blizzard could reveal new details on the event, or possibly even start it during E3 2017 next week. The upcoming event looks to be a fitting place for Blizzard to reveal something new for fans.

What Blizzard Might Reveal

From the look of things, there might be three new pieces of content that Blizzard could add: a new PVE game mode similar to Insurrection, a new stage based on the Horizon Lunar Colony, and the new hero. Many are expecting the new hero to be Hammond. Some are even speculating that the gorilla is the holder of the Doomfist Gauntlet and he could play the role of Doomfist himself. However, Blizzard might not make the next hero so obvious like it did with Orisa. Many initially thought that Efie was the next hero for the game, but it turned out to be her own version of an OR15 unit instead.

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