Overwatch Update On PTR Buffs Genji And Hanzo, Removes Their Attack Cooldown

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Overwatch Update
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The new Overwatch PTR patch notes for May 3 2017 has extremely substantial buffs for Genji and Hanzo. Their new wall climbing buff directly jives well with their attack gimmicks for overall increased damage output. Technically, the new buffs allows them to ignore attack delays if they’re skilled enough.

Overwatch PTR May 3 Patch Notes

According to the patch notes on the official site, the new May 3 changes promises some buffs and nerfs to the game’s current cast. Genji, Hanzo, and Reaper buffs improve their overall damage output. Meanwhile, Reinhardt and Soldier 76 got nerfs which reduces their overall effectiveness. Lastly, Orisa gets a cooldown buff for her Protective Shield in exchange of her damage output.

Genji and Hanzo buffs

Both the Shimada brothers have received a buff that makes their wall climbing ability jive well with their attacks. Genji can now continue attacking as early as he finishes scaling a wall. Meanwhile, Hanzo can keep holding an arrow nocked when he climbs a wall. Overall, these new changes definitely increases their effectiveness.

Skillful Play Gives The Illusion of No Attack Cooldowns

Even though the buffs show this promise of improved damage output, players are required to play skillfully to pull off this illusion of having no attack cooldowns. Technically, it’s possible for Genji players to constantly throw shurikens if he keeps triggering his Swift Strike resets and dashing towards ledges. This way, they can just wall climb to quickly reset their attack animation and continue throwing stars.

Meanwhile, Hanzo’s wall climbing buff feels more like a fakeout than an attack animation cancel. The continued arrow charging while climbing allows them to stay deadly even when climbing walls. Previously, Hanzo doesn’t charge arrows when climbing on walls which leave him vulnerable if an enemy catches him in the act. More than flashy resets, Hanzo has the potential to peek vertically on high walls and shoot people who doesn’t expect him there.

Unstoppable Shimada Brothers?

The new changes are pretty strong for the Shimada brothers but they’re still manageable to kill even with this buff. Pressuring Genji until he loses all of his cooldowns still makes him struggle. Meanwhile, Hanzo can also be dealt with enough pressure, a well-placed headshot, or an agile tank such as Winston chasing him down. However, keep in mind that Genji and Hanzo both have a trick up their sleeve when climbing up walls for offensive purposes. Players can rest easy as long as their team respects their strength and deals with them as a team rather than facing them one-on-one

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