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Overwatch Update: Play Of The Game Broken For Nearly A Month

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Overwatch Update
Source: Overwatch in-game screenshot

Currently, Overwatch’s Play of the Game feature isn’t working well as of late. Players keep seeing tame gameplay than skillful moves in Play of the Game. Blizzard Entertainment will need to fix this issue in the next Overwatch update unless more memorable plays will be buried.

Play Of The Game Bug

Reilouko’s thread on the Overwatch subreddit explained that the Play of The Game system is currently broken. Apparently, the game will show a Play of The Game clip with an inferior game performance. Reilouko notes that his quadruple kill as Widowmaker should have been the Play of The Game, but it went to a Roadhog double kill performance instead. More than just a rant, some players are also taking notice of this issue in the recent month as they’ve been denied their highlights too. Blizzard Entertainment may look at this issue soon to sort it out in a future Overwatch update. Currently, Reiluko’s thread on the official Overwatch forums hasn’t received any replies from Blizzard yet.

Cosmetic But Still Needs Fixing

The Play of the Game feature allows players to see the best play during the whole match. Usually, players who managed to score consecutive kills in a short amount of time takes this accolade. However, the game seems to fail to register the plays with the best kills or ultimate usage in the current patch.

Players often rely on Play of the Game footages to improve their own skill. Reviewing their correct moves in the match can prove useful  for their future matches and allow them to improve as a players. More than a cosmetic or helpful feature, a broken feature staying in Overwatch will be bad for its future.

Next Overwatch Update

Currently, the Overwatch live servers have yet to receive the Lucio changes that’s currently on its test servers. The new Lucio has reduced supportive radius, but he’ll dispense better healing and speed boosts now. More than the Lucio changes, the Public Test Region build has a Play of The Game fix on voice lines in the clips. Potentially, the next Overwatch update on the live servers will have the proper Play of The Game along with this voice line fix.

As for other major updates, Blizzard Entertainment has yet to reveal any teasers for its next character. Fans are still waiting for Doomfist’s inclusion in the game. For now, fans will just have to work with the broken Play of The Game feature as they climb the Season 4 ladders. Stay updated with more Overwatch news here on The BitBag.

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