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Overwatch Update: Next Heroes After Doomfist

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Source: Overwatch in-game screenshot

Now that Doomfist is out in Overwatch’s PTR and fans will finally have access to the highly anticipated hero after months of waiting. There are those who despite getting a new hero, are already waiting for the next one to come. There are clues as to who the next heroes will come in an Overwatch update though.

Earlier this year, an alleged leak reveals the other characters coming to Overwatch aside from Doomfist. The leak did get the Doomfist leak right but that’s already a given considering how much the hero has been teased already. Will these heroes actually come in an Overwatch update later this year?


Expected to launch at the third quarter of 2017, Bria is set to be one of the youngest heroes in the game. Bria will be a teenager with a steampunk getup. When it comes to her abilities, Bria will be making use of a wrist computer which could be the main source of her abilities.

The leak regarding this hero reveals that she will have the ability to lockdown certain areas in a map. She’s basically like Mei with her Ice Wall ability but for Bria, it looks like she’ll be able to lock down larger portions of the map in quicker time.


This hero is set to launch sometime in the fourth quarter of 2017. The hero is still in the early stages of development though. Ivon is an elderly man clad in a suit. The leak states that he’ll be using a suppressed pistol as a primary weapon but most of his skill will be coming from a gadget that he’ll be using in combat.

Based on his weapons and gadgets, Ivon could be a stealth hero that’s similar to the Spy in Team Fortress 2.

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