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Overwatch Update: Next Hero Release Date After Doomfist And Who It Could Be

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Source: Overwatch in-game screenshot

The roster of Blizzard’s shooter is set to expand this July 27 with the addition of the highly anticipated Talon agent, Doomfist. We’re all very excited for the hero but others are a little too excited and hyped up about the 26th character for Overwatch. We already have a few ideas on who that could be and when Blizzard could launch the new hero on the live servers.

26th Character Release

Blizzard never stated the release schedule of their additional characters. However, three characters have already been made available while Doomfist launches launches on July 27. Based on this schedule, we can see that there’s a certain pattern to Blizzard’s hero roadmap.Blizzard releases a new character every four months. Ana launched in July 2016, followed by Sombra on Nov. 2016, Orisa on March 2017 and now, we’re getting Doomfist this July. Seeing this pattern, the 26th character for Overwatch could arrive in November this year. Teases could begin sometime in October.

Who Is It?

When it comes to who the next hero could be, there are 3 possible candidates for the position. The candidates are Hammond, Bria and Ivon.

Hammond is already part of the Overwatch lore. Last month, Blizzarded revealed the character during their Horizon Lunar Colony map teaser. There’s a good chance that Blizzard will make Hammond a playable character. Either that or the developer could take the same approach with Efie Oladele and how Orisa became a part of the game.

The other two characters were leaked by an alleged Blizzard employee a few months ago. These are unconfirmed details though so we should take it with a grain of salt.

Bria is apparently a steampunk character that could be the youngest hero in the game. She makes use of gadgets when it comes to battling. As for Ivon, he’s an elderly man with a tablet who could possibly use it for his abilities.

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