Overwatch Update: New Officer D.Va Skin, Competitive Play Tweaks, Genji Buff, and Other Changes Now Live On Servers

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Overwatch community manager Josh Engen has released the patch notes for Overwatch Update 1.10 this April 27 on the official forums. The new Competitive Play ruleset on maps with capture points, Genji Dragonblade attack speed buff, and Officer D.Va skin has been confirmed to be in this patch. This patch is applicable on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms of Overwatch.

Patch Notes

Engen’s post listed down all the gameplay changes as of the new Overwatch update 1.10. This new patch is mostly important for its competitive players and Genji mains due to the changes found in this patch. Unusual animation and particle bugs have also been included in this patch.

New Competitive Play Ruleset

The new Overwatch update 1.10 includes the new ruleset that encourages teams to achieve at least the first capture progression notch to have a chance of winning the match. The 33% capture progression ruleset aims to lessen “Draw” results on maps with capture points. The Overwatch team has continuously made updates to prevent Draws as players caused an uproar for Competitive Play matches usually ending with no winners.

Genji Buff

The Overwatch team also noted that some Genji players can get an extra Dragonblade swing if they have a certain connection quality. The developers decided to just buff Genji’s attack speed during his ultimate to get that extra swing consistently rather than having it through an inconsistent factor. Genji’s current standing on the Overwatch’s competitive meta is still high due to his strong potential to wipe out teams alone.

Officer D.Va Skin

Currently, the Officer D.Va skin can now be viewed in the live servers as of update 1.10. The new skin features D.Va in a police uniform and a police car-themed mech to go with it. Fans will have to complete the Nexus Challenge 2.0 week 2 quest to get this skin for free. Any chances to get this skin outside the Heroes of The StormOverwatch tie-in event is through the regular lootboxes in the future.

The Overwatch team confirms that event-exclusive skins like Oni Genji and Officer D.Va can be obtained as a regular loot box reward in a future patch. The developers have yet to confirm which new patch these two skins will be included in the box.

Other Animation Bugs

Issues with the Overwatch Uprising event and its cosmetics has also been fixed in this patch. The developers have fixed a glitch that allows some characters to get under the Payload during its escort portion. Meanwhile, Soldier 76’s  Push Up animation issues with capes have also been fixed as of this patch.

After May 1, the Overwatch Uprising event officially ends and returns the game to its regular programming.  However, Overwatch’s first anniversary draws near as the game was released last May 2016. Blizzard Entertainment may have something prepared for fans like free loot boxes or a new event starting this May.

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