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Overwatch Update: When The Next Hero After Orisa Could Launch

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Orisa In Overwatch
Orisa; The New Hero In Overwatch [Screenshot Captured From Orisa Reveal Video]

A new hero in Overwatch was made available recently and it was none other than the unique Omnic, Orisa. This new character is the 3rd to be added post launch and Blizzard is probably far from over when adding new heroes. We’re all excited when the next Overwatch update featuring a new hero will launch, but we have a few guesses on when the dates are.

4 Months From Now

Ana launched in July, then she was followed by Sombra in November. After Sombra, we got Orisa this month. It may just be a coincidence, but it’s a pretty solid one at that. There are 4 month differences between the release of the heroes and it’s likely that we’ll see another hero added in July. While this is just a speculation, it’s odd that Blizzard had a pattern of release. Hopefully, we get to see this anticipated Overwatch update sooner.

E3 2017

Another possible release date for the Overwatch update featuring a new character could be at the grandest stage in gaming; at the E3 Expo which is in June. Blizzard’s not a stranger to E3 and there’s no other way to celebrate the biggest event in gaming than by having big news for what is considered to be 2016’s Game of the Year. If not a new hero, we should still expect Blizzard to have something big for Overwatch.


Just recently, Blizzard revealed that it is going to put more emphasis on storytelling and that started with the teases before Orisa’s reveal. Blizzard is looking to expand the game’s lore with a deeper story and it’s going to be the same process with the next hero reveal.

Seeing as Blizzard has already kept the ball rolling with its story focused reveals, the developer could go on with the momentum and reveal the next hero sooner than what we expect.

Who’s The Next Hero?

Based on Orisa’s background, it seems as though the wearer of the Doomfist Gauntlet is the next to come in the major Overwatch update. With the Doomfist Gauntlet out in the Numbani Payload map and the attacker at Numbani Airport being reported as Doomfist, it’s a good chance that this hero or villain is next in line. Whoever it may be, we’re wishing that Blizzard will be set to reveal the next character in Overwatch pretty soon.

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