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Overwatch Update: New Cinematic Short, Hero, And More Possibly Coming Later This Month

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Overwatch Update
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Now that the Uprising event in Overwatch is officially over, players are probably wondering what’s next for Blizzard’s shooter. The developer might already be readying the next big thing in the game under our noses but a few eagle eyed players have noticed something different with the Overwatch Youtube channel. It seems like we’ll be getting a major Overwatch update later this month.

Redditor Julian813 shares his discovery over at the game’s subreddit. According to the player, the Overwatch Youtube playlist has been updated and there are private and unlisted videos waiting to be unveiled soon. The game’s YouTube channel across all regions have been updated and there are interesting things ahead.

The channel’s playlist for Developer Update, Game News, Cinematic Short, Maps and Events have been updated. This alone makes players speculate that a new hero is coming soon and it could come in a major Overwatch update later this month.

Coincidentally, the anniversary of Overwatch falls later this month on May 24. Surely enough, Blizzard is going to commemorate the milestone with something interesting. The floor is open for what Blizzard can do to celebrate the game’s anniversary, but since there was an event that ended recently, it’s likely that Blizzard is going to introduce someone new instead.

All signs are pointing to Doomfist being the next character added to the game. His inclusion to the game was made more likely after Orisa’s teases revealed that the Doomfist Gauntlet was stolen.

Even before the update to the game’s YouTube channel, there have already been rumors that Doomfist will launch on the game’s anniversary. An alleged insider from Blizzard shares what he says are new details regarding Doomfist and one of it is that the hero will launch on the game’s anniversary.

According to the alleged leak, Doomfist is going to be a mix of Reinhardt and Tracer and players will have to be pretty skilled to master the new hero. He’ll be an offense hero whose attack gets stronger as his HP decreases. And of course, allegedly voicing Doomfist is none other than Terry Crews.

As for the new maps, it’s very likely that we’ll be seeing the space map which has been the talk of the Overwatch community as of late. Datamined sound bites reveal that there could be a map in Overwatch set in space and we can probably look forward to seeing it later this month.

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