Overwatch Update: Mystery Heroes Arcade Mode To Return If There’s High Demand

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Overwatch Update
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There are a ton of ways to get busy in Blizzard?s Overwatch. Thanks to the array of modes and interesting Arcade Modes in the game, players are always down for action. There are a few modes that seem to stand out among fans. Particularly, fans are always looking for the Mystery Heroes mode. The good news is that the developer is willing to bring back the mode in an Overwatch update if demand for it is high.

Over at the BattleNet forums, fans have been bugging Blizzard to bring back Mystery Heroes in Arcade Mode. Game Director Jeff Kaplan was quick to respond, and fans should be very excited as there?s a chance that Mystery Heroes will be back in Arcade Mode.

?If demand is high for Mystery Heroes, we’ll definitely consider removing one of the other modes in favor of Mystery Heroes. It’s not a hard change so we welcome the feedback,? said Kaplan. With all the requests from players, we?re very likely to see the Mystery Heroes mode added in an Overwatch update at this rate.

Arcade Mode Rotation

Kaplan explained that they want to make room for a mode specific to Oasis map, so they had to move Mystery Heroes into All Brawls. Thanks to persistent demands, we?re likely to see Mystery Heroes in the Arcade mode rotation pretty soon.

Mystery Heroes is a mode that gives players a random hero every time they spawn. It?s a very simple setup, but fans love it very much. Being given a random hero every time makes matches more exciting as the results could be very drastic. With heroes being randomized, players and teams have no time to think up off strategies and plans and they?ll have to rely on skill and luck instead.

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