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Overwatch Update: Who Might Be Next After Sombra?

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Overwatch Valentine's Day

After months of rumors and teases, Blizzard finally launched Sombra in Overwatch. The new character is already causing havoc in the old and new maps, and new agents always shuffle up the way the game is played. The lore of the game is huge and there are a ton of heroes hidden in the game. Who?s the next hero to come in an Overwatch update?


Many are speculating that the next major Overwatch update will include the wearer of the acclaimed Doomfist. A few maps already have callouts to the character. When playing in Numbani, the item that the offensive team will be transporting is the actual gauntlet of Doomfist.

The wearer of Doomfist might come in three personalities; Savior, Scourge and Successor. Based on the artifact, it?s likely that Doomfist will be a melee hero like Reinhardt. The game could use more tank heroes and Doomfist could be that character.


To the knowledge of fans, Athena is Winston?s AI companion. In the game, players will be aided by Athena in the tutorial mode. A few Overwatch concept arts reveal ?a mysterious robot that many speculate to be a physical form of Athena.While little to no clues point to Athena as being a character in the game, fans are still hoping that the AI will be made playable soon.


There are six people who founded Overwatch. The original members include Reaper, Soldier 76, Reinhardt, Torbjorn, Amari; who we know as Pharah?s mother, Ana and Liao. Out of the six members, only Liao is yet to make an appearance. It?s likely that Blizzard will finally introduce the 6th and final founder of Overwatch to fill the gap. We?ve yet to see any signs of the hero and we?re expecting Blizzard to tease us soon.

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