Overwatch Update: Map Builder Planned By Blizzard, Not Coming Anytime Soon

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Overwatch Update

Recently, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan explained the game?s current inability to provide tools for players to create maps of their own. Kaplan also stated that Overwatch?s tools and tech still don?t have a publicly accessible version of its creation systems. Lastly, Kaplan discouraged fans from expecting a Map Builder feature in an Overwatch update soon.

Map Creation

As seen on the official Overwatch forums, Kaplan answered some questions about public Custom Games in Overwatch. Someone asked for a Map Builder system in the game. Kaplan explained that his team is still working on making this happen. For now, it?s not likely to be a part of an Overwatch update.

Leaning Towards Team Fortress 2

Overwatch could have systems similar to Valve?s Team Fortress 2 if this is implemented. Custom maps may flood the game?s modes once the Map Builder arrives in an Overwatch update. This system is definitely a good move for encouraging fan content creation among its community. Map ideas in Overwatch will certainly be interesting as the game is set in a futuristic real world with advanced technology.

However, Overwatch follows a certain art style, and maps may have to undergo heavy polishing work to be accepted as a playable map. Almost every map in Overwatch is eye candy besides being a tactical battlefield for the players. So far, Eichenwalde is the first post-release map. The developers may actually be focused on polishing maps.

Incoming Updates

Fans would still have to wait a little longer as Blizzard Entertainment still has a few major updates before they implement something this big. Sombra still hasn?t been implemented despite the lengthy teases and the mystery game they played with the fans. Additionally, the Overwatch developers are still keeping a close eye on their Competitive Play system for any flaws to fix. As of now, these two updates are the ones more likely to happen soon. Map Builder systems are too large to implement in any game, let alone Overwatch which doesn?t support official modding yet.?

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