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Overwatch Update: What We Know So Far About Eichenwalde

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As expected, Blizzard riled up the crowd at Gamescom 2016 using the hit team-based shooter, Overwatch. The developer of the instant classic revealed a new map called Eichenwalde, and it?s looking to be one of the most visually stunning maps of Overwatch. The map will be coming soon via a free Overwatch update, and here?s what we know about Eichenwalde so far.

Release Date

No exact release date has been pegged for the new map yet, but according to GameSpot, it?ll arrive sometime next month. It?s likely that the map will come before the second season of Competitive Play, which will start in the early weeks of September. Fans can expect the Overwatch update featuring the new map by then.

What Game Mode Is It?

Judging by the map teaser released recently, Eichenwalde is a payload battle in which the offense team will have to escort ram of some sorts. The first part of the map is a village that looks to be packed with tight spaces, so the defending team might get the upper hand as they?ll have more ways to surprise the attacking team.

The second part will take place inside the castle, but before that, the payload will first run through a drawbridge. It won?t be an easy feat though as the drawbridge is a bit small and the castle provides a good vantage point for snipers like Widowmaker and Ana.


Eichenwalde is set in Germany, where everyone?s hammer-swinging tank, Reinhardt, originates from. However, Reinhardt isn?t the only Overwatch agent who?ll be close to home when in Eichenwalde, as Blizzard?s Aaron Keller said that the forest near the area is where Bastion originates from. We?ll know more about Bastion in the coming days as a new Overwatch short featuring the robot is due on Thursday.

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