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Overwatch Update: Hammond Could Be Torbjorn’s Cat

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Torbjorn In Overwatch
Torbjorn In Action On Overwatch [Image Courtesy Of Overwatch Website]

The Overwatch community is scouring every nook and cranny of whatever Blizzard throws in their way with regards to the new details regarding the Horizon Lunar Colony. All eyes are on a new character introduced in the lore named Hammond, which many believe is the next hero coming in a major Overwatch update. There are signs that Hammond is completely different from what many expect him to be.

Since Hammond originates from the Horizon Lunar Colony, fans are quick to say that Hammond is a new primate character for the game. Hammond might not be a primate though and Blizzard could be readying a big surprise for us in the next major Overwatch update.

A cat character for the game has been talked about by the developers before. Lead write Michael Chu and game director Jeff Kaplan teased that Torbjorn’s cat was being worked on but was scrapped before launch. The newly teased Hammond could be that cat.

In one of the teases released by Blizzard, we get to see an email exchange between the scientists in the Horizon Lunar Colony. In one of the email, Zhang says “I don’t know why we ever thought why it was a good idea to have smaller test subjects, I completely regret it.” Obviously, Hammond is not a gorilla like Winston and it’s a creature small enough to fit in a vent. While Hammond being a chimp is a possibility, a cat isn’t out of the question as well.

Blizzard’s official photo for the new map shows Torbjorn’s turret place somewhere on the Horizon Lunar Colony. While this may just be a coincidence, Kaplan said something off place in the recent Developer Update. He says at the end, “remember that in space, everyone can hear Torbjorn scream.”

Torbjorn’s relation to Hammond might’ve been teased by Blizzard very slyly. If Hammond is indeed the 25th character coming in the next major Overwatch update, there’s a good chance that this is Torbjorn’s rocket-powered cat that Blizzard has been talking about.

The developer has said before that a cat character for the game was indeed in the works for the launch of Overwatch but it was removed from the original roster. This means that the plans for the cat character has been laid out to some extent already.

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