Overwatch Update: Genji Ultimate Attack Speed Buff Coming Soon

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Blizzard recently confirmed an Overwatch update in the future that will buff Genji’s ultimate to counter a specific latency bug. Apparently, Genji players with a certain connection quality can reach up to seven Dragonblade slashes whereas other players only have six. The new buff intends to speed up Genji’s attack speed during his ultimate to consistently deliver seven strikes for all players.

Genji Buff Confirmed

Overwatch’s Principal Designer Geoff Goodman confirmed on the official forum that they are working on a patch that will consistently grant every player with Genji’s seventh Dragonblade attack. An attack speed buff is planned to be implemented to help players achieve that seventh swing. However, Goodman hasn’t confirmed if this update will be in the next patch, but promises to include it in the patch notes once it gets implemented.

High Latency, More Sword Swings

Apparently, Genji’s sword swings vary heavily depending on the player’s latency in the game. Higher latency seems to grant players with more swings than the other players. Since Genji deals massive damage on each sword swing, it definitely has become a problem for most players. To temporarily address Genji’s inconsistent Dragonblade sword strikes, Blizzard has reduced the total sword strikes down to six.

Attack Speed Buff For Fix

In order to let all players enjoy the seven swings again, the developers plan to buff Genji’s attack speed. Players who consistently attack after Genji’s ultimate cast will be able to reach the seventh swing as soon as possible. This attack speed buff will immensely help Genji wipe out enemy teams as long as he keeps hitting targets.

Potential Competitive Changes

However, plainly improving Genji’s attack speed may prove extremely strong due to his current skill kit combos. Experienced Genji players know how to maximize their swings through cancelling its animation using the Swift Strike ability. Additionally, Genji players know that the Swift Strike cooldown resets after each confirmed kill. Usually, effectively utilizing Genji’s resets and animation cancels allows him to kill multiple enemies and walk out of an encounter alive.

If the upcoming attack speed buff proves too reliable, Genji may start becoming central to Overwatch competitive picks again, like in the previous patches. All in all, we can only hope that the 15% attack speed buff doesn’t make him a frustrating enemy to deal with.

Genji’s Current Standing

As of late, Genji requires skillful play to deal with his targets. He has great escape tools to help him survive after killing key targets, even well-defended ones. Additionally, he has strong teamkill potential due to his ultimate ability and Swift Strike resets. His whole ability kit hangs at the risk of becoming either an unstoppable force or a difficult but unrewarding character if balanced wrong. Stay updated with more Overwatch news here on The BitBag.

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