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Overwatch Update: What To Expect In The Next Patch

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PC players of Overwatch can now participate in the game?s next PTR or Public Test Region. The patch notes for the PTR are now available, so we can get a glimpse?of what?s to come in the next update to Overwatch. The next update focuses on a few rebalances yet again, and there are a few other tweaks to take note of. Here?s what to expect in the next Overwatch update.

Hero Rebalances

There are three heroes getting a set of fresh changes in the next Overwatch update: Ana, Junkrat and Widowmaker. For Ana, Blizzard felt that?her Ultimate Nano Boost charges too fast. To fix this, Ana?s Ultimate cost will increase by 20 percent. Her Biotic Grenade, on the other hand, will get a buff by having more radius.

Junkrat?s RIP-Tire will get the good treatment as it will now activate more quickly. As for Widowmaker, her scoping-in time will decrease from 0.5 to 0.3 seconds, giving her more time to snipe enemies.

General Changes

Overall, there won?t be much change coming to the game. The general fixes to be made in Overwatch are as follows:

  • Static cameras are now supported in spectator mode
  • Team names can now be edited in custom games
  • Raised the volume of Hanzo?s Dragonstrike voice line while wearing the Okami/Lone Wolf Skin
  • Heroes hit by Ana?s Nano Boost have a new voice line that informs other players
  • Increased frequency of Reinhardt?s ?barrier failing? voice line
  • Custom Games can now be paused

Bug Fixes

There are a lot of bugs to be squashed in the next Overwatch update. Most of the bugs to be squashed are from heroes. However, there will be a few map bugs to be addressed as well.

We?ve yet to know when these changes will hit the game, but since it?s already at the PTR period, it might drop within the coming weeks.

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