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Overwatch Update: Other Characters Who Should Be Nerfed

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Blizzard?s current roster for Overwatch is geared to let all types of players enjoy the game. It?s as simple as finding a hero that suits your playstyle. Like most hero-based titles, some of the characters in Blizzard?s shooter have the upper hand on others; overpowered or OP, to say the least. The game just launched last month, so we can?t expect the roster to be balanced by now, and there are a few OP heroes that really need to be nerfed soon. We?re no longer counting the likes of Torbj?rn, since he?ll be downgraded soon.


On his own, Lucio isn?t much of a threat since he is a Support character. But in a team, Lucio?s set of skills can prove to be very bothersome to players. Crossfade either heals or speeds up the team while Amp Up boosts the effects of Crossfade. His ultimate, Sound Barrier, will provide the team with a huge boost to their HP. The only thing keeping Lucio from buffing his team are short cooldowns so it?s particularly easy to push objectives with him on the team.


There?s no arguing that players hate it when Mei is in the battlefield. It?s irritating to be constantly frozen and then shot in the face. One of her OP abilities is Cryo-Freeze. The shield to Mei is passable, but it?s unfair that the skill heals her as well. Though not as deadly as other heroes, Mei can really mess up game plans during clashes.


Even before the full launch of Overwatch, beta testers have already complained about Bastion. ?Blizzard responded with the appropriate nerf, but it falls short on balancing Bastion. He?s a very durable tank with healing abilities, so if he?s paired with the likes of Lucio, he?s basically unkillable. Bastion?s also capable of defending objectives as a turret in his Sentry mode, and he can take out or heavily damage several players in his Tank mode.


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