Overwatch Update: How Blizzard Is Slowly Killing The Competition

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Overwatch Update

Due to its strong presence on social media, Overwatch definitely has a strong advantage not only on its rivals within the game?s genre but also to other existing eSports. It?s a statistical longshot to assume that Overwatch is the current eSport top dog, but data can?t deny that the game?s player base is rapidly growing. Here?s are some data that could explain how Blizzard Entertainment?s IP ?is slowly killing its competition.

According to Daily Dot, Overwatch has taken the second spot, right behind League of Legends, ?in the most played game in PC Bangs in South Korea. League of Legends sat on 29.15%, dropping below their usual 30% on the list. This drop hasn?t happened since February 2013. Korea has long been known as one of the strongest countries in different eSports and almost always has teams that are difficult to take down in competitions. Blizzard?s game can potentially oust League of Legends on their top spot if this continues. Currently, Blizzard?s shooter is still behind League of Legends on the rankings, as seen on the Gametrics site.

Basing from popularity, Overwatch has strongly defeated its timely competitor, Battleborn when it comes to player population during its beta phases. According to Gamespot, Battleborn recorded 2 million players during its beta but is thoroughly defeated by Ubisoft?s The Division with 6.4 million players. Meanwhile, VG24/7 confirmed that the Overwatch beta attracted 9.7 million players in total from all the three platforms and trumps both those two games. However, this victory may not be the case in the long run as all these games cost money and a player cannot join easily without having money to purchase the game. Overwatch garnered a strong following in the days nearing its release and during its early days out in the market. However, ?9.7 million players on the beta didn?t easily make it on the release due to the game?s price tag.

For one, Overwatch has definitely introduced itself strongly to the public and to the competitive scene due to its continued quality and humorous presence in social media. The game might be killing the competition due to its strong start, but we?ve yet to see Blizzard?s first major character or expansion update on the game to see if they?ll keep the lead from current and future competitors.

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