Overwatch Update: Should Blizzard Nerf Genji?

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Overwatch Update

Competitive Overwatch players are complaining against Genji?s prominence in the game?s Competitive Play. Players want Genji to be nerfed to ease or remove the current meta that?s centric to picking him and keeping him alive for slaying the enemy team consistently. Should Blizzard give in and nerf Genji in the next Overwatch update?

According to mowski?s thread on the Overwatch Reddit, the higher brackets of Competitive Play mostly comprise players playing as Genji or countering Genji. ?The entire game is just Genji,? Reddit user mowski said. ?Teams are either built around babysitting godlike Genji, or countering babysat godlike Genji. A babysat godlike Genji comes equipped with Zarya shields and super special Lucio/Ana ults just for him. Because there’s no neat answer to a babysat godlike Genji, this generally means half the non-Genji team is forced to play anti-Genji heroes with anti-Genji strats.?

Other threads on the Reddit discussing Genji?s strength have also surfaced online. However, a recent thread from PlayersAce wants players to carefully reconsider if Genji really needs a nerf or if players are just frustrated when they face an experienced Genji in general.

In the game, Genji is an agile Offense character that can throw shurikens at pinpoint accuracy and slice through an enemy team repeatedly when successfully refreshing his Swift Strike dashes in battle. Alternatively, he can use the Swift Strike dash to quickly position himself in the map, while his double jumps and wall climbing make him a slippery foe to fight. Pairing his high mobility with consistent damage per second makes him a definite threat against enemy Snipers and a tough foe against Tanks who can?t keep him still.

Additionally, he can easily escape fights with his hard counters like Winston and Mei, which may frustrate players who try to stop him. This good damage threat paired with excessive makes him a strong and viable pick against most of the Overwatch characters.

Currently, the game lacks reliable crowd control options to easily control, zone or force Genji to play conservatively in the game. It?s possible that Blizzard may instead buff crowd control-focused characters like Mei in the Overwatch update so players will have a better fighting chance against Genji.

Alternatively, the upcoming Sombra character may provide an advantage against Genji as she might have an ability that allows her team to track enemy movement to prevent surprise team kills or heavy pressure from a flanking Genji. For now, players might be asking for a Genji nerf in an Overwatch update as they intend to the climb to the Top 500 for the game?s seasonal rewards and with the first Competitive Play season ending on August 18.

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