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Overwatch Update: Anti-Competitive Play Booster and Griefer Penalty System Coming Soon

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Overwatch Update
Source: Overwatch in-game screenshot

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan said that they’re coming up with a way to punish skill rating boosters and griefers in Competitive Play soon. So far, Overwatch players can’t stop them or report their behavior if they show up on their current match.

Kaplan explained the Overwatch team’s stance about smurfing, boosting, and griefing on the official Overwatch forums. Apparently, using second accounts or smurfing isn’t illegal per se. However, Kaplan prohibits using these alternate accounts to manipulate matchmaking and skill ratings. Players can actually rig matches using these alternate accounts and cheat their way through the competitive ladder.

Overwatch leavers, boosters, and griefers have caused many headaches for the general player base regardless of game mode. Currently, the developers have yet to make a system that completely prevents these problematic players from appearing, but they’re active in making progress towards it. The report system exists but it still has a general scope toward its implementation.

No details were mentioned about the new Overwatch penalty system. This Overwatch update doesn’t even have a release date yet. Potentially this new penalty system could be implemented in the test servers first or included along with the Horizon Lunar Colony’s live server release on June 20.

These new penalty systems might be implemented to improve the Overwatch Competitive Play Season 5, which just began this month. The developers have always introduced new backend changes to Overwatch along with its Competitive Play seasons.

Previously, the developers implemented anti-leaver penalties and recalibrated match rulesets to encourage a good competitive sense in their players. The team also punished bad behavior and game-breaking practices to make unhealthy practices impossible and discourage future attempts of it. The team has previously solved issues like idle EXP farming or an Overwatch pro player that griefed other players on his livestreams in this effort to improve the game and community.

In other news, fans are looking forward to a new playable Overwatch hero after the Horizon Lunar Colony reveal. The Horizon Lunar Colony reveal discussed more about Winston’s backstory as this was his first home before Overwatch. The reveals also mentioned names of other genetically treated gorillas that fought the scientists on the lunar colony. Fans speculate that the next hero will be from this new map. However, the previous standalone map reveal, Eichenwalde, only held a new Legendary skin for Reinhardt and had no hero reveals. We’ll just have to wait for this new penalty system and playable hero in a future Overwatch update soon.

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