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Overwatch Update: Why The 25th Hero Could Come In June Or July

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Overwatch Update
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Blizzard recently began the anticipated Overwatch Anniversary Event which added over 100 new things to collect in Loot Boxes. Despite the rumors, a new character is nowhere to be found in the recent event. Players shouldn’t fret though as the Overwatch update featuring the 25th hero could come within the next two months.

Orisa launched back in March and despite this, players are still eagerly anticipating the next Overwatch update featuring a new hero. Since the Overwatch Anniversary Event added arena maps and new exciting items to collect in the game, we can safely assume that we won’t be getting the new hero until the event ends. However, there are a few good reasons why the 25th character could come in either June or July.

Why June?

Thanks to the discovered YouTube updates to the Overwatch channel, we can at least assume that the new hero could be revealed soon. Players are speculating that the hidden cinematic short at the Overwatch YouTube channel could be for the anticipated 25th hero.

Even adding more fuel to the possible June release for the hero is that E3 2017 is coming up and Blizzard could be looking towards the major gaming event as a place to announce the hero. Terry Crews said last month that he’d be present with Blizzard at E3 and they’ll be bringing a “major surprise.” That could very well be the reveal of Doomfist.

Why July?

Players might’ve noticed a release pattern for the post-launch heroes of Overwatch. Ana was launched in July 2016, Sombra in November 2016, and Orisa in March 2017. Coincidentally, the heroes have launched in four month intervals. July is the 4th month counting from the release of Orisa in March and if the pattern remains the same, then the next hero could launch by then.

When it comes to who the next hero will be, fans are speculating that it’ll be none other the Doomfist.  The recent events in the game, specifically the attack on the OR-15 units at Numbani, all point to the Doomfist Gauntlet wearer as the next hero. Making it more possible is the numerous times that Terry Crews; the character’s rumored voice actor, has teased the hero.

Additionally, a few players have recently noticed that director Jeff Kaplan has said that the next heroes’ release is near and is just around the corner. “There’s some really cool hero news just on the horizon,” Kaplan said. This makes it more likely that we’ll see the 25th hero in the following months.

We’re all eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next Overwatch update adding the new hero. For now, we’ll have to make due with the anniversary event that lasts until June 12. 

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