Overwatch Update 2.15 Doesn’t Have Doomfist

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The new Overwatch update 2.15 has rolled out for the PS4 and Xbox One players this July 11. So far, the patch only contains minor bug fixes. However, the new playable hero, Doomfist, is not included in this update.

As seen on the official Overwatch forums, the July 11 update only contains bug fixes for Pharah’s voice line and Orisa’s ultimate charge gain when her Supercharge ability is in use. This July 11 update for the Overwatch consoles is the same as the PC patch last June. Doomfist’s absence in this new patch is understandable as he’s still being calibrated in the PC PTR to tone down some of his overpowered abilities.

In his initial release, Doomfist could easily obliterate offense and support heroes. He can also hurt Tank heroes if his Rocket Punch hits and launches them to a wall. The ability’s range was nerfed but its strong damage remains present. The Overwatch team could use some more tweaking to Doomfist to ensure he doesn’t break the game more than he easily breaks heroes.

Once Doomfist is implemented on the live servers, players will have a strong choice for aggressive gameplans. His three damaging abilities are naturally designed to be combined with each other to deal damage and move around. Additionally, Doomfist is rewarded with temporary shield health upon landing his abilities, which allow him to survive longer in battles.

For now, Overwatch only has the Doomfist hero update in store for its fans. Leaks and rumors say that a second run Overwatch Summer Games would happen in August. However, Blizzard Entertainment has yet to announce the next Overwatch event after the Anniversary celebration. Fans will have to wait patiently after Doomfist’s release to know the next major Overwatch content. Stay updated with more Overwatch news here on The BitBag.

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