Overwatch Update 2.13: All Balancing Changes In Anniversary Event Patch

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One Of The Maps In Overwatch
The Numbani Map In Overwatch [Image Courtesy Of Blizzard]

After weeks of anticipation and waiting, Blizzard has finally launched the anniversary event for Overwatch. Along with the new event for the shooter is a patch that also adds a few tweaks and changes for Overwatch. Here are all of the important changes found in Overwatch update 2.13.

General Fixes

Overwatch update 2.13 introduces quite a few new balancing changes to the game. One of the changes adds a new set of rules for 3v3 and 1v1 Elimination modes on the Arena maps. Moreover, Blizzard has also added new options for Hero Lockout, Limited Hero Pool, Tiebreakers, and Hero Reveal for Elimination mode.

When it comes to Custom Games, Overwatch update 2.1 adds a feature that allows players to disable secondary fire and secondary weapons in matches. Additionally, players can now disable one of Symmetra’s Ultimate abilities while leaving the other one active.

Hero Updates

One of the main focuses of the recent patch is to further balance the game.  The patch notes states that the Recoil Recovery Aim Compensation for Ana, McCree and Widowmaker can be disabled under the Control tab in the options menu. According to Blizzard, the new feature will allow players to make their crosshairs for the affected heroes much faster if they aim downward during the recovery window.

Many of the game’s heroes are also in for a few tweaks and changes. One of the biggest change is for Genji and Hanzo. With the update, both heroes will be able to attack immediately after climbing a wall. Additionally, Hanzo’s Storm Bow also has a 10% increased speed when recharging. Even better is that Hanzo will be able to retain charged shots while climbing up walls. Other heroes on the receiving end of a few changes are Orisa, Reaper, Reinhardt and Soldier: 76.

User Interface Updates

Blizzard has also added a few tweaks for the Kill Feed. For starters, players’ final blows are now highlighted by a white background. Blizzard also added new Kill Feed icons for environmental kills and a few abilities. Those heroes who are resurrected by Mercy will also be highlighted and color-coded in the Kill Feed so it’s easier to see. Last but not the least, a few assists skills will also show up in the Kill Feed.

Bug Fixes

As usual, there are also quite a host of bug fixes in the update and to check out all of the changes, here are the official patch notes from Blizzard. For more gaming news, stay tuned to The BitBag. 

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